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Sueños Compartidos
por Lu Villanueva y Valeria Becerra

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, some say that during the (dream) stage, everything that you would like to do while you are awake is done. We are trying to capture where we are exactly now and where we are going, simply dreaming.

We approach the viewers  to ask ourselves about the relationship between dreams and our daily lives, dreams and art. At what point does our subconscious try to communicate with our conscious? What happened first...the dream or the thought? Do we live it or do we dream it? That thin line that separates parallel and at the same time intertwined realities.


Although the processes of the artists are very different, they coincide in the meditative practice of repetition and obsession until they achieve a mental space that resembles what happens in the brain when it is about to enter a lucid dream. Thus, we open this space to float between scenes of characters, dream worlds, diffuse globes, residues, and at the end, scenes of yourselves.

Instalación en colaboración con Valeria Becerra
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