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Lu Villanueva - Visual Artist


My work is an approach to abstraction. I'm trying to create my own visual language: one that uses shapes, forms, color and line to create a composition with a degree of independence from visual reference to reality. Mixing techniques and trying out the resilience of the mediums and materials involving my art is as important as the final artwork. As a resource I use photography and architectural elements as well as the environment that surrounds me; creating complex dimensions represented by layers, multiple lines, colors and figures. I intend to deconstruct and decontextualize  form and figure, breaking out the formality of geometry.

Usually I work in two or more series simultaneously. This  methodology allows me to balance and integrate each composition and play with adding and subtraction at the same time. 

As an extension of my practice I am enriching my knowledge in conceptual art and trying out curatorial projects for galeries and the writing about art.



Lu Villanueva started her artistic practice as a photographer. Since 2014 she started using her own photographs in order to create her own style of collage. Since then she has been enriching her painting techniques with courses, workshops and art residencies worldwide. Her creative process starts with drawing, using all sorts of urban references such as sculptures, iconic furniture or even architecture references. Combining multiple processes, materials, and different mediums she creates a new language that uses the line to link drawing and painting. Creating an atmosphere where color, abstraction and figurative are connected she addresses contemporary allegories in her process.  Lu Villanueva, was born in São Paulo(Brazil) and currently is living in Mexico City. In Mexico she co-founded  an art collective that supports and promotes art among women.

Last Exhibitions

  • El EspacioEntre los Otros 2023-Radio28CS-31 marzo

  • Art from Else Where-Open studios  2023-06-12 February-Lagos Residency

  • Open Studio at Lagos 2022- Sueños Compartidos-September 

  • Dimensiones-2022-September and October-Galeria Blanco Colima,CDMX

  • Sueños Compartidos 2022-21 September-Lagos,CDMX

  • In the Room 2022- 26 may-  Cuarto33 Collective

  • Arm Gallery 2022-11 February-collective exhibition

  • Domus-2022- Photo Exhibition

  • Si Vive Alguien 2021-09 December

  • Art Week Mexico 2021- DOMUS - 29 April-09 May

  • Spring Awakening, 15 March-11 April, Online Viewing Room, London Painting Club,

  •   Cuarto33 - December 2020- Online Exhibition

  • Caleidoscopio de la Fotografia Contemporánea Mexicana 2020,                27 february-30 March, Universidad de La Habana, CUBA

  •   BADA, 2020.Ciudad de México

  •  “Encounter”, collective exhibition, Berlin Art Institute 2019. Berlin, Germany

  •   “Mexicanos al grito del arte”, Collective exhibition,2019.Ciudad de México.

  • “Exposición de fotografía mexicana contemporánea”, La  Fábrica de Arte Cubano, 2019. La Habana, Cuba.

  • “Arte en vivo”, Espacio arquitectónico de la CDMX, 2019. Ciudad de México.

  • Area Galería- Collective exhibition. 2019. Ciudad de México.

  • “Noches de Autor”,Centro Italiano 2019. Ciudad de México. 

  • “Contrastes contemporáneos 2.0", Centro cultural minero, 2019. Ciudad de México.

  • "Exposición Four Seasons Hotel , 2018,CDMX.

  • “Simulaciones artificiales” Galería Saúl Serrano, 2018. Ciudad de México.

  • “Noches de autor”, 2018. Ciudad de México.

  • “Autorretrato”, Centro de arte contemporáneo, 2018. Ciudad de México.


2023-Residencia Artistica at Radio28 CS

2022-Lagos-Studio Art Residency-ongoing-Mexico City

2022- Understanding Contemporary Caos- Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado- São Paulo,Brasil

2022-Art and Activity- Strategies to engage with art- MoMa

2021- August/September- Art Residency at Berlin Art Institute,Germany

2020- How do we talk about art? - Dagmara Genda- Berlin Art Institute ,Berlin

2020- Drawing it out - Dagmara Genda - Berlin Art Institute

2019-2020  Coaching process, Portfolio review, art lectures -  Alejandra Ponciano

2018  Print process (cyanotype, albumine), prof. Saúl Serrano Centeo Arte Contemporáneo, Ciudad de México, México

2018  Lighting and production in photography, prof. Saúl Serrano,CAC,Ciudad de México, México

2017- 2018   Photo Painting, Saúl Serrano, Centro Arte Contemporáneo, Ciudad de México, México

2017-2018  Abstract paintings and Myth , prof.. Gabriela Bribiesca. Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México, México

2016   In the Studio:“PostWar Abstract Painting”, Moma, Museum of Modern Art, NY, USA

2016-2017  Oil Painting and Art History- maestro Rodrigo Echevería. Centro de arte contemporáneo, Ciudad de México

2016   Graphic design specialization-online , California Institute of Arts

2016   Modern Art and Ideas, MoMa, The Museum of Modern Art, NY

2013 - Greek and Roman Mythology(online),Penn University

2013- Floral Design, São Paulo, Brasil

2011  Photoshop, Senac,Workshop, São Paulo,Brasil

2010-2011 Photography- Espaço da fotografia, São Paulo, Brazil

2009-2010  Corel Draw and Fashion Drawing, Senac, São Paulo,Brazil

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