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The dining room, the kitchen, breakfast, lunch, dinner. The family microcosm. Moments of the day marked by a sense of belonging. In my family, the act of getting together for a meal, was and continues to be more than sitting down and sharing what feeds us. It is an act of love. It is the only moment of the day to also share our experiences, disappointments, achievements and failures.Gathering moments, having heated discussions about a controversial topic, to make plans, to laugh, or to give space to comfortable silence. That silence that is a rest, a cuddle where one feels safe for being what one is and for simply being part of.

I have always found the interaction between people interesting and what results from that sum of feelings, of knowledge, of those present moments that in a blink of an eye are already in the past. The records of those moments are usually images and sensations that we carry for a few hours, a few days and sometimes they are memories for a lifetime.

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